The Future of Energy: The 2021 guide to the energy transition – renewable energy, energy technology, sustainability, hydrogen and more. Hardback – February 4, 2021

American Energy Society (AES) Best book about energy (non-fiction) Winner 2021!
The Future of Energy 2021 Edition – The guide to sustainability, renewable energy, climate change and the energy transition. The ‘Future of Energy’ is written to be accessible for anyone interested in learning more about energy. Substantially updated in 2021 to reflect the impact of Covid-19 on the world of energy, the book takes the reader through a future for energy generation, transportation, and utilisation. Concise and comprehensive, the book brings together discussion on energy and thoughts on the range of topics which form the fulcrum of the challenges ahead of us including climate change, hydrogen, heat, sustainability, and renewable energy. Written to spark ideas, discussion and debate the ‘Future of Energy’ engages the reader in the future challenges and opportunities of this hugely exciting and important field.
There exists a huge range of information on the ‘energy transition’ with competing technologies and theories vying for supremacy. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing there is an easy answer or ‘silver bullet’ to the huge challenges we face. It is substantially more complicated with an inevitable patchwork of future technologies, rather than a single simple solution. There is no perfect answer to the challenges we face but most will in some way shape the way we use energy through the next decade and beyond.
About the author
John Armstrong is an engineer whose career has spanned the extremes of the energy industry – giving him a front-row seat on the energy roller-coaster. He began his career constructing oil refineries before moving to work across fossil and renewable electricity generation. John lives in Bath in the United Kingdom with his wife and two children.
Reviews for the ‘Future of Energy’ books by John Armstrong
Concise while being comprehensive. Thorough but with a bit of a personal perspective that makes it interesting. Realistic about the challenges but with a dose of optimism about what could be done. Well-informed but accessible. David Elmes, Professor, Warwick Business School, Sept 2020.
I would highly recommend this book to anybody working within energy or interested in learning more about the movement towards clean energy. I’d been looking for a book like this for years but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a chunky textbook. Amazon Review, August 2020
A very good guide to the challenges the energy industry faces today. I will be recommending it to all my team to get up to speed with the industry – incredibly accessible in how the ideas are laid out. Seb, Energy Conference Producer, May 2020
This should be mandatory reading for future undergraduates and graduates as part of our induction process. Darren, Senior Energy Manager, May 2020
The author manages to present a complex topic in an engaging and authoritative way. Andrew, May 2020

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